Our Approach

At Contrast Coaching, we choose not to just hand you a generic solution to solve your problems. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand everything about you and your company, in order to create tailored solutions that will results in real breakthroughs for your company. Coaching is about creating a real relationship with the client to become a sense of support and encouragement for them. This is why we work so hard to create direct solutions to solve the most stressful of problems.

Our Story

Contrast Coaching, founded by Christine Nielsen in 2017, is rooted in over 25+ years of coaching and consulting experience. Nielsen's long standing reputation as a top level Coach has helped take the company to unimaginable heights in a matter of months. With a strong connection to our clients, Contrast Coaching has been providing business leaders with the upmost quality of respect, hard work, and determination to get to the root of any problem they may be facing. We have expanded internationally as a company, and our growth is only just beginning.

Meet the Team

Contrast Coaching has a strong team behind it, working tirelessly to ensure that the best quality of work is given to our coaching clients. Scroll down to learn more about the people behind Contrast Coaching.

Christine Nielsen

Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of experience in transforming and driving a variety of businesses forward, Christine is a master coach and an expert at helping her clients achieve greater levels of success and performance.

Steven Coggins

Managing Partner

As a managing partner and a Contrast Coach, Steven provides a level of leadership, accountability, and strong connection to his clients. Steven runs the Houston office of Contrast Coaching, helping create an international presence of the company.

Anthony Marcovecchio

Strategy Intern

Anthony's main task as a strategy intern at Contrast Coaching is to provide the upmost attention to detail when evaluating the current situation of our clients.

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